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The Saga of Maritime Geopolitics (Pre-Launch Booking)

The Saga of Maritime Geopolitics (Pre-Launch Booking)

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Launching Soon: "The Saga of Maritime Geopolitics"

The Most Comprehensive Maritime Geopolitics Book Ever Written

Authored by Saptarshi Basu and Praveen Dwivedi

Dive into the depths of maritime history and explore the intricate tapestry of naval power and geopolitics with "Saga of Maritime Geopolitics." This extraordinary book, soon to be released by Ziva Publications, is a masterful work that chronicles the saga of maritime geopolitics across the ages.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Coverage: Journey through ancient maritime history, discover the splendor of Indian naval dominance, and trace the geopolitical evolution of Asian and Western civilizations.
  • Rich Insights: Unearth archaeological evidence, delve into the golden age of Indian empires, and understand the impact of European invasions on maritime power.
  • Engaging Narratives: Relive the epic stories of legendary maritime figures, the rise and fall of empires, and the modern challenges in maritime security and piracy.
  • Expert Authors: Saptarshi Basu and Praveen Dwivedi bring their unparalleled expertise, offering readers a comprehensive and authoritative guide to maritime geopolitics.

About the Authors:

  • Saptarshi Basu: Mr. Saptarshi Basu is a distinguished professional in the maritime industry, known for his exemplary strategic acumen. He seamlessly integrates roles as a researcher, educationist, and senior corporate executive. As a Chartered Marine Engineer and Professional Engineer (IEI), his extensive career includes pivotal positions such as Manager of Automation and Control at OERC Academy, Technical Superintendent, and Senior Manager HSQE. His contributions extend to being a GL Trainer, General Secretary of MRDS, and holding memberships in prestigious institutions such as MIE, FIMarE, and MIMarEST. Additionally, Mr. Basu holds an MBA in Shipping and Logistics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Naval Architecture from Mumbai University. His diverse expertise and strategic insight have established him as a versatile and influential figure in the maritime sector.

  • Praveen Dwivedi: Praveen began his journey as a student union leader during his college days, demonstrating early leadership and a commitment to advocacy. Transitioning into journalism, he worked with various media houses in India, gaining valuable insights into the socio-political landscape. He later ventured into the IT sector, establishing a business hub that specialized in smart card technologies. Despite his professional achievements, his true passions lie in teaching and writing. For the past 16 years, he has been mentoring students preparing for the UPSC exams, imparting knowledge and guiding future civil servants. Currently, he runs a Gurukul exclusively for girls, focusing on training them in the Vedas and Sanskrit, aiming to empower them with traditional wisdom and modern education. As a socio-political worker, he emphasizes the importance of innovative ideas to nurture children into global citizens, helping them to achieve their aspirations and contribute meaningfully to society.

    Expected Launch Date: 31st October 2024

    Table of Content

  • Chapter Title
    Introduction and Epilogue
    Chapter 2
    Maritime and Naval Tidings Inception - Maritime History
    Chapter 3 Evidence of the Indian Maritime Splendor in Literature
    Chapter 4 Archaeological Evidence
    Chapter 5 Indian Maritime History
    Chapter 6 The Mauryan Period
    Chapter 7 The Satavahana - Bastion of Trade and Prosperity
    Chapter 8
    Gupta Dynasty (320-500 AD) - The Golden Age of Hindu Imperialism Overseas
    Chapter 9 The Mighty Vikramaditya the Tamer of the Oceans
    Chapter 10
    Hindu Migration and Colonization of the Far East, Java, and Ceylon
    Chapter 11
    The Chola Empire: The Conquest of the Indian Ocean - The Reason for the Name Given to This Ocean
    Chapter 12 Chalukya Chola Period (1070–1279 CE)
    Chapter 13
    The Dark Ages - Muslim Invasion and Start of the Decline of Indian Sea Power
    Chapter 14
    Vijayanagar Empire - The Last of the Hindu Empire and Resistance
    Chapter 15
    Battle of Talikota and Fall of the Mighty Vijayanagar Empire
    Chapter 16 Consequences of the Fall of the Vijayanagar Empire
    Chapter 17
    The Period of the European Invasion by Portuguese, Dutch, and French followed by British
    Chapter 18
    The Maratha Resistance - Maritime Prowess of Kanhoji Angre
    Chapter 19
    Destruction of Indian Shipping by the British and Milestones of Modern Indian Shipping Attempted Recovery
    Chapter 20 Imperiology or the Ideology of Empire
    Chapter 21 Subjects of Empire: Elite and Other
    Chapter 22 The Ideological Basis for Christian Empires
    Chapter 23 An Imperial People
    Chapter 24 Belief in Empire
    Chapter 25 The Classification of Empires
    Chapter 26
    Geopolitical History of Other Asian Civilizations and Empires
    Chapter 27 Mandate of Heaven
    Chapter 28 The Chu and the Han Dynasty
    Chapter 29 Providing Administrators for the Empire
    Chapter 30 Government Bureaucracy
    Chapter 31 Song Dynasty
    Chapter 32 Song Military and Navy
    Chapter 33 Reign of the Hongwu Emperor
    Chapter 34 Treasure Fleet Structure and Organization
    Chapter 35 Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun
    Chapter 36 Sino-Japanese War
    Chapter 37 Koryo: The Eye of the Tiger
    Chapter 38
    The Indochine: The Seat of the Once Mighty Khmer Empire
    Chapter 39 Royal Lineage
    Chapter 40 Geopolitics of the South China Sea
    Chapter 41
    American Independence and the Rise of the American Navy
    Chapter 43 Present Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean Region
    Chapter 44 Present Day Geopolitics of the South China Sea
    Chapter 45 “Phantom Ships” in Asia
    Chapter 46
    Challenges of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea & the Role of India in Combating Maritime
    Chapter 47 Capacity Building
    Chapter 48 Maritime Piracy and Terrorism
    Chapter 49
    Challenges of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea & the Role of India in Combating Maritime
    Chapter 50 Combating Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: India's Stand
    Chapter 51
    Types of Maritime Security Threats Other than Piracy and Armed Robbery
    Chapter 52 The Spectrum of Violent Maritime Acts
    Chapter 53
    Problems and Challenges in the Regulation of Smuggling of Migrants and Human Trafficking at Sea
    Chapter 54
    Problems and Challenges in the Legal Framework of Drug Trafficking at Sea
    Chapter 55 Maritime Domain Awareness
    Chapter 57
    Difficulties Arising from Providing Constitutive Elements for Maritime
    Chapter 58 A Grand Maritime Strategy
    Chapter 59 Defining a Maritime Strategy
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